11 Organizing Products That Will Transform Your Kitchen

photo organized kitchen

Transform and increase the efficiency of your kitchen with these 11 organizing products:

#1  Multi-Purpose Bin

The most versatile bin you will find for many reasons—the height and depth of each bin size are the same, but the width is the variable expanding the options for use.  They line up on a shelf uniformly, creating an aesthetically pleasing view.  The bin is clear so you can see what is inside rather than having to label.  They have handles, are open, easy to clean, and very affordable—a true workhorse product.

  • The x-large size is perfect for corralling bags of chips in your pantry.
  • The small size contains personal water bottles efficiently.
  • Use inside a freezer drawer to keep foods categorized and easy to access—no more digging to the bottom.
  • Place under the sink to store cleaning supplies, and they easily hug those under-sink pipes.
  • They are purposeful in the kitchen and everywhere in a home or office.

#2  Turntable

Especially if you are vertically challenged, like me!  Place on the top shelf of a pantry to store bottled condiments, oils, and vinegar.  Spin to the front to reach the item you need to get.

  • Place on the top shelf of the refrigerator for condiments or anything in a round vessel.
  • Keep a large one under the sink to store cleaning supplies.
  • Use a decorative one on the countertop for your cooking oils and frequently used spices.

#3  Shelf Dividers

Keep your baking pans, trays, casserole pans upright rather than stacked in a drawer.

  • Place the dividers in the cabinet above the refrigerator and deep kitchen drawers.

You will like it because it is inexpensive and doesn’t require tools or affixing to a shelf.

#4  Drawer Dividers

Separate your long-handled cooking tools.  You will like these because they adjust to the depth of the drawer (18”-22”).

#5  Spice Storage

Twenty-four bottles are contained in a minimal amount of space on a cabinet shelf freeing up drawer space for utensils or other needs.

Over the Cabinet holders

Don’t overlook the cabinet doors for storage!  Especially helpful in small spaces where storage is scarce.

#6  Cutting board and  #7  bakeware holders

#8  Towel rack holder

#9  Pots and pans lid holder

#10  Paper towel holder

#11  Kitchen Worksurface + Cart

Perfect for kitchens with limited worksurfaces and prepping your meals.  Shelving provides storage for small appliances and prep bowls.  Bonus—comes with a towel rack and folds up to 6” for storage!  Wheel it out of the way when not in use.


All products are available from The Container Store.


  1. Memphis Garage and Closets on February 3, 2022 at 1:01 pm

    Those accessories will certainly help you get organized in a kitchen of any size. Great ideas!

  2. Impeccable Closets on March 11, 2022 at 8:20 am

    Great ideas. The turntable or lazy Susan is such a great accessory to have in the kitchen. You can use it for spices, oils, or even small storage containers.

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