Contain Your Action Papers

Are you concerned you will lose papers or lose sight of papers?  Keep your action papers in an open file box on your work surface.  Or, keep papers in project sleeves (my personal favorite and can’t live without product), or if you have too many papers to fit in a project sleeve, try a document case.

Do paperwork and other objects distract you while you are working?  Keep your action papers in a closed file box.

Do you prefer to pile paper? Try labeled stackable letter trays for your action papers (follow-up, call/email, projects, tasks, review, etc.).

Archive Your Reference Papers

Do you fear you will lose papers or lose sight of papers if they are locked away in a file cabinet? Keep your reference papers in an open file cart under the work surface. Or, if you are paper piler, try labeled literature sorter for your reference papers. Designate a row or column for different categories to help you locate information faster.

Do you want your reference papers at your fingertips?  Keep in a nearby file cabinet, file boxes, or scan and keep digitally.

Corral Your Office Supplies

Store your backup office supplies (writing instruments and note pads, electronic cables, batteries, printer paper, printer ink, file folders, etc.) in a four-cube shelving unit.   (Cube #1 – writing instruments and note pads, Cube #2 – printer paper and ink, Cube #3 – filing supplies, and Cube #4 electronics).  Hide the clutter with drawers for small items and door fronts for larger items to hide the clutter.

Store your everyday office supplies (paper clips, staples, stapler, staple remover, scissors, post-its, tablets, writing instruments, etc.) in your desk drawers if you have those or in stackable drawers next to your work surface.  Add drawer trays to up the organization.

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