50 Things You Can Let Go of Now

Picture of puzzle pieces


What You Can Discard

How to Dispose of

1.    Appliance manuals Recycle

Access at www.manualsonline.com

2.    Art/wall décor that you are storing, because (fill in the blank) Sell or donate
3.    Books that are falling apart Will you read it again? Recycle
4.    Broken (anything) Will you fix it? Donate or toss
5.    Business cards Scan or enter into your digital database
6.    Clothes that need mending Will you mend it? Donate
7.    Clothes with stains Will you wear it? Toss
8.    Clothes you have never worn Will you ever wear it?

Sell, consign, donate

9.    Cookbooks you never use Donate to the library for a book sale
10. Disposable cameras Donate to a school
11. Duplicates of anything you only need one of Sell or donate
12. DVD Movies you don’t watch Sell or donate
13. Expired food Ask a food bank if they need it or toss
14. Expired makeup Don’t risk infection, toss
15. Expired Medication Metro
16. Filled coloring books Recycle or toss
17. Furniture you are storing, because (fill in the blank) Sell, consign, or donate
18. Games, puzzles, or anything with missing pieces Donate or toss
19. Instruments nobody is playing Donate to a school
20. Last year’s calendar Recycle or toss
21. Last year’s holiday cards Recycle or toss
22. Lightbulbs that don’t go to any lamp you own Donate
23. Makeup samples Donate to a women’s shelter
24. Magazines over a year old Recycle
25. Maps Recycle or toss
26. Old chargers and cables Donate or Best Buy will recycle
27. Old formal wear Sell or donate
28. Old eyeglasses Ask your eye doctor if they can donate
29. Old Halloween costumes Sell or donate
30. Old vehicle license plate Cut and metal recycle or

return to a DMV

31. Old paint Take to Metro for recycling
32. Old remote controls Best Buy to recycle
33. Old shoes Donate or
34. Old spices Toss
35. Old toys Sell or donate
36. Plastic storage bins with a lid or lid without a bin Recycle or toss
37. Receipts Shred or recycle
38. Rocks Return to the Earth
39. Rubber bands that have lost their elasticity Toss
40. Socks without a mate Toss
41. Specialized appliances you use once a year Sell or donate
42. Stale potpourri Toss
43. Take out menus Recycle
44. Take-out condiments Toss
45. Too-small kids’ clothing Sell, consign, or donate
46. Travel mugs without lids or lids without mugs Donate
47. Unidentifiable frozen object in your freezer Toss
48. Unidentifiable keys Toss
49. Wire hangers Recycle at your dry cleaner
50. Writing instruments that are dried up


What else can you think of that you can let go of right now?  Post below.

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