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Chronic Disorganization

October is ADHD Awareness Month


When you have ADHD you feel like you are the only who feels the way you do.  I’m sharing a client story (with her permission) and maybe after reading it, you won’t feel as alone. Angela discovered and communicated to me that she was diagnosed with ADHD when her son was diagnosed with ADHD. When…

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Are you a clutterer? Answer these questions to find out.

     Do you have more possessions than you can comfortably handle?  Are you embarrassed to invite family, friends, health care providers, or maintenance workers into your home because it is not presentable? Do you find it easier to drop something instead of putting it away, or to wedge it into an overcrowded drawer or…

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A tale from the trenches

With my client’s permission, I’m sharing her organizing story… Last week, as part of my training program client practicum, a team of new professional organizers and I worked with a client of mine to declutter and organize her home office. This was not the first time.Sometimes, it takes repeated work to find what is truly going on with someone’s…

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Why is organizing so hard?

Why is organizing so hard? Over the years, I have heard this question from many clients. Until recently I couldn’t think of an illustration to explain why it is hard for them and not for me. I think I now have a personal story that illustrates why we all have something that is exceptionally hard…

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