5 Benefits of Working With a Professional Organizer

photo 5 Benefits of Working with a Professional Organizer

The most successful people stay productive because of their ability to keep their minds in order.  All of this can be attributed to the saying: “An organized space equals an organized mind.” So if you’re looking to grow yourself and your business, maybe it’s time to take organizing more seriously.  Perhaps it’s time to seek the…

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How to Declutter and Stay Decluttered in 3 Steps

Photo Organized_Inspiration_Decluttering

How to declutter and stay decluttered in 3 steps; plan, prioritize, and practice. Decluttering Step 1 – Plan Your Space The first step in how to declutter and stay decluttered in 3 steps is planning.  Capture your thoughts, ideas, and solutions for each room in your home. Assess the causes of the disorder so you…

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Work From Home – Office Tidying Tips

photo Work From Home

I have organized hundreds of home offices over the past 18 years, working as a Professional Organizer.  Read on to learn what I have discovered to be the typical problems, tips for tidying and organizing the office, how to create zones to keep your office uncluttered, some product solutions to help contain it all, and…

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Hot Mess House – Virtual Organizing HGTV Show

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Overall, I’m a fan of this show! Cassandra has an approachable personality, as she is not too serious or too much of an overly exuberant cheerleader. She’s non-judgmental and compassionate towards her clients. Cassandra classifies her clients into “clutter bugs”; Bee, Ladybug, Cricket, and Butterfly. I have watched two episodes comprising four different clients.  From…

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Decrease Clutter – 6 Strategies to Stop Accumulating

Marie Kondo has been all over the media helping people to release what doesn’t “spark joy”.  Here are 6 strategies to keep clutter from returning to your home after you have Konmari’d it. 1. Play the waiting game. When you’re tempted to buy something on a whim, wait 24 hours. The typical impulse purchase seems…

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A serious contender for why clutter and disorganization occur is an inability to easily make decisions about where to put things and what things to keep. How do you decide where to put your stuff? What stuff do you not know where to put it away? If this is a challenge for you, try the…

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Are you a clutterer? Answer these questions to find out.

     Do you have more possessions than you can comfortably handle?  Are you embarrassed to invite family, friends, health care providers, or maintenance workers into your home because it is not presentable? Do you find it easier to drop something instead of putting it away, or to wedge it into an overcrowded drawer or…

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Why is organizing so hard?

Why is organizing so hard? Over the years, I have heard this question from many clients. Until recently I couldn’t think of an illustration to explain why it is hard for them and not for me. I think I now have a personal story that illustrates why we all have something that is exceptionally hard…

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