50 Things You Can Let Go of Now

Picture of puzzle pieces

  What You Can Discard How to Dispose of 1.    Appliance manuals Recycle Access at www.manualsonline.com 2.    Art/wall décor that you are storing, because (fill in the blank) Sell or donate 3.    Books that are falling apart Will you read it again? Recycle 4.    Broken (anything) Will you fix it? Donate or toss 5.    Business…

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Top 6 Excuses for Keeping Stuff

Photo Excuses

Excuse #1: “I might need it someday.” Look at each item as though you were packing it (or not) for a move. Does it still have a purpose in your life today? Ask yourself, “If I were to move this item, where would it live in my home?” Why isn’t it living there in your…

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20 Questions to Ask About Your Stuff

Do you struggle with letting go of your stuff?  Here are 20 questions you can ask yourself about your stuff that might help you decide to let go: Practical Questions 1. Is it useful or beautiful to you? 2. Is it a duplicate? 3. Is this the best place for it? 4. When’s the last…

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Permission is the Key

Recently I was asked, “When did you find your voice and how do you help your clients find their voice?”  What powerful questions!  I thought about how to answer those two questions for weeks.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day Vera Katz, former Mayor of Portland declared June 14th John Mosser Day. John was…

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