14 Key Office Organizing Products to Boost Your Productivity

photo Office Organization Inspiration

Contain Your Action Papers Are you concerned you will lose papers or lose sight of papers?  Keep your action papers in an open file box on your work surface.  Or, keep papers in project sleeves (my personal favorite and can’t live without product), or if you have too many papers to fit in a project…

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How to Whip Your Workspace into an Organized Wonder

Before SolutionsForYou, Inc. Our client’s office didn’t have a plan for where papers, supplies, and resource materials belong. Papers had been piling up for years with no destination in mind. SolutionsForYou created zones for “action” files and “reference” files, paper processing zone for incoming and outgoing paper, office supply storage, mailing materials, and office reference…

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How to Make Room for Your Home-Based Business

Photo Home Business Organization Inspiration

Our client, a Mary Kay Representative, needed to create a space in her home to manage her business and inventory.  The “bonus room” space was a jumble of toys, office supplies, craft materials, and other items looking for a home. She wanted to divide the space into two separate purposes, (1) her office and inventory…

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Work From Home – Office Tidying Tips

photo Work From Home

I have organized hundreds of home offices over the past 18 years, working as a Professional Organizer.  Read on to learn what I have discovered to be the typical problems, tips for tidying and organizing the office, how to create zones to keep your office uncluttered, some product solutions to help contain it all, and…

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6 Unique Spaces You Can Transform into a Home Office

Photo Office Desk

Working from home has become the new norm, and will likely become more commonplace in the near future. This has made having a home office more necessary and desired than ever before. If your home doesn’t have a designated room you can use as a home office, don’t worry. There’s plenty of ways you can…

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