10 Ways to Automate Your Life and Reduce Distractions

It seems everyone I talk to lately says they are “feeling overwhelmed.” And, given the year we have been experiencing, that is very understandable. As a result, I also hear, “I have a short-term memory,” “I forget to do things,” “I can’t concentrate,” and “I’m so distracted all of the time.” Now, more than ever,…

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10 Best Organization Apps to Simplify Your Life

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I was asked as a female business owner to share my favorite organization/productivity apps and why for an article in Oprah Magazine. I responded with: Microsoft To-Do – to track all of my tasks both personal and business. Why? It is easy; I can set reminders, I can see the day, week or entire list,…

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Why We Procrastinate

Photo of Procrastination Words

There are many reasons we procrastinate; these are the top six: #1 You consider the task/project to be low priority (when it is not).  Re-evaluate your goals. Where does this task fit into your goals? Is it an A, B, C, D, or E task? A is defined as something that is very important that…

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7 Habits to Return Several Hours to Every Day

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#1 Stop Multitasking It has been proven that multitasking significantly reduces brain power and focus.  By multitasking, I mean the apparent simultaneous performance of two or more tasks. It takes your brain 4x longer to recognize and process each thing you are working on when you switch back and forth. Research has confirmed that it is…

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5 Tips to Streamline Your Morning Routine

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With the change to daylight savings time, I have heard from many clients they are having a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning.  As a result, they are rushing to get out the door on time.  Are you looking to save time in the morning, so you can steal a few more winks…

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Products I Love – Time Timer

Timers have numerous beneficial uses such as to reduce hyper-focusing (something I do). Or, to set a limit on how long to do something i.e. time spent on the internet. I use the Time Timer app every morning to focus on my critical task for the day.  It is available as a desktop timer in various sizes…

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