Donation Resources During COVID-19

During times of uncertainty, people like to be able to predict things, to know what’s coming. Cleaning is a form of ritual or repetitive behavior that’s repeated, predictable, and can provide a sense of control over one’s environment. Organizing, although not cleaning, can evoke the same sense of control, of getting our things and life in…

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50 Things You Can Let Go of Now

Picture of puzzle pieces

  What You Can Discard How to Dispose of 1.    Appliance manuals Recycle Access at 2.    Art/wall décor that you are storing, because (fill in the blank) Sell or donate 3.    Books that are falling apart Will you read it again? Recycle 4.    Broken (anything) Will you fix it? Donate or toss 5.    Business…

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Donation, Recycling, and Shredding Events and Resources

It is Spring Break in Portland and while many of you have escaped our grey and rainy weather some of you may be having a staycation and spending time spring cleaning and decluttering your home.   Once you have decluttered you probably have lots of stuff that needs to get out of your home.  Here are…

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