10 Ways to Automate Your Life and Reduce Distractions

It seems everyone I talk to lately says they are “feeling overwhelmed.” And, given the year we have been experiencing, that is very understandable. As a result, I also hear, “I have a short-term memory,” “I forget to do things,” “I can’t concentrate,” and “I’m so distracted all of the time.” Now, more than ever,…

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Why We Procrastinate

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There are many reasons we procrastinate; these are the top six: #1 You consider the task/project to be low priority (when it is not).  Re-evaluate your goals. Where does this task fit into your goals? Is it an A, B, C, D, or E task? A is defined as something that is very important that…

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10 Ways How a Professional Organizer Impacts Their Client’s Life

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Finds the best place for all of her client’s belongings and recommends storage solutions to maximize her space. Provides her client with resources for donations and resellers. This makes it easier for her client to let go of the things she no longer uses or loves. Helps her client (a mom with a demanding career) organize her…

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Products I Love – Time Timer

Timers have numerous beneficial uses such as to reduce hyper-focusing (something I do). Or, to set a limit on how long to do something i.e. time spent on the internet. I use the Time Timer app every morning to focus on my critical task for the day.  It is available as a desktop timer in various sizes…

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Get More Time for YOU

Seven optimum habits that will return several hours to your day   #1 Stop multi-tasking. It has been proven that multitasking significantly reduces brain power and focus. It takes your brain 4x longer to recognize and process each thing you are working on when you switch back and forth.       #2 Don’t check email…

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Eat Frogs and Reach your 2011 Goals

For many, January marks the time to reflectively think about what we want to accomplish for the new year. And, for many, this is a daunting task because we don’t know where to start. Here are a few pointers to get you started. Determine Your Goals. Time management experts across the board agree that one…

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