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Time Management

10 Ways How a Professional Organizer Impacts Their Client’s Life

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Finds the best place for all of her client’s belongings and recommends storage solutions to maximize her space. Provides her client with resources for donations and resellers. This makes it easier for her client to let go of the things she no longer uses or loves. Helps her client (a mom with a demanding career) organize her…

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5 Tips to Streamline Your Morning Routine

With the change to daylight savings time, I have heard from many clients they are having a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning.  As a result, they are rushing to get out the door on time.  Are you looking to save time in the morning, so you can steal a few more winks…

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Products I Love – Time Timer

Timers have numerous beneficial uses such as to reduce hyper-focusing (something I do). Or, to set a limit on how long to do something i.e. time spent on the internet. I use the Time Timer app every morning to focus on my critical task for the day.  It is available as a desktop timer in various sizes…

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Get More Time for YOU

Seven optimum habits that will return several hours to your day #1 Stop multi-tasking. It has been proven that multitasking significantly reduces brain power and focus. It takes your brain 4x longer to recognize and process each thing you are working on when you switch back and forth.   #2 Don’t check email the first 96…

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4 Weeks to Reclaim Your Time – eBook

Do you know poor organization is often a derivative of poor time management?Do you often feel overwhelmed?Are you feeling like you juggle too many tasks at once?Do you feel your environment is in constant chaos?Do you feel like you have too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do everything?Do you…

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Back to School Post #5 of 7 – Teach Time Management

Teach Time Management It is a rare middle school student who can gauge how much time an assignment will take. Suggest your student use a timer to develop the skill. If they time themselves reading a fifteen-page chapter, for example, they’ll have a good idea how long to allocate when they have to read thirty…

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What is your clutter costing you?

We are experiencing very challenging economic times. Maybe it’s time to think about what your clutter or lack of organization are costing you and what you can save by becoming clutter free and creating habits to maintain organization. Clutter is costing you—time, space, money, energy and sometimes relationships:   The time it takes you to…

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