Fall – A Time for Letting Go

October 14, 2016

The season has shifted and we are “officially” in fall.  When I think about the seasons and how they relate to organizing activities fall is about letting go.  Take a look outside, the leaves have turned to shades of golden and red hues and little by little each one is letting go.  This is a necessary process for trees to grow and become stronger.

The same can be said for our stuff.  When we hold on to stuff that isn’t serving us today we can’t easily experience personal growth because we stay stuck in our past or live in the future just in case we might need it someday.  Maybe we can’t let go because we have difficulty deciding what to do with something.  Perhaps our ADHD keeps us from focusing on organizing because it’s mundane.

Whatever the reason is that you are holding on to stuff, I invite you to think about falling back into organizing habits that may have gone by the wayside. Take a cue from nature and let go.  Give yourself permission to let go of what doesn’t allow you to grow and flourish.

Photo by Anne Blumer

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