Organizing Survey

We surveyed a few of our clients about their experience with organizing.  I’m sharing the results of our survey because sometimes we hear from client’s that they think they are the only one who feels the way they do about their disorganization.   We want you to know, you are not alone!

Here is what we learned.

What else would become possible if you were organized?
  1. The world would be my oyster.
  2. I would have more time.
  3. I could start my remodel.
  4. I could entertain! Do exercises at my house. Rent out a room! House exchange students! Airbnb, have a life. You name it…
  5. More family visits.
  6. I would feel a whole lot less pressure and nervousness about moving next year. 
  7. I could spend more time and my limited energy on activities and projects that I truly enjoy.
  8. I might actually make more money in my business if my office was organized again.
  9. My relationship with my spouse will improve and set a good example for our kids.
  10. Clarity
  11. I could see my lovely desk!
  12. My wife will be very happy ??
  13. I could get more done and use my time better
  14. Save a lot of time finding things
  15. time saved and arrive on time
  16. more peaceful in a zen-like environment
  17. I would feel lighter. Happier.
  18. More clarity to run my biz & write.
  19. Productive
What do you need most from a professional organizer?
  1. I need more time to do it.
  2. Help with decision making
  3. I think I need a coach first to help me get caught up on some back invoicing and taxes. Then I can get a loan to remodel, THEN I will need to get organized.
  4. Downsizing advice. “Office” organization skills to make it into just a few credenza’s worth of stuff and a small cabinet worth of sewing and craft stuff, which I don’t do anymore.
  5. A plan of where everything could go. This house is so different from the last one I can’t just replicate what we did before.
  6. I need someone who can develop a plan, follow up/follow through, keep me focused, understand decision fatigue, work within what I have vs. require a lot of additional purchasing, be affordable or at least uber productive
  7. Compassion and humor
  8. A personalized approach, not one size fits all.
  9. If cost wasn’t a factor, storage options that look seamless.

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