Spring is in the air, signaling it’s time to do the “switcheroo,” changing your fall/winter clothing in your closet to your spring/summer clothing.

While you are clearing out your closet and doing the switcheroo, why not take the time to update your closet and give it a refresh.

The secret to a stylish clothing closet is using ONE standard color.

Here are my favorite stylish organizing products in grey that will give your closet a beautiful and cohesive design:


photo Grey Linen Closet Mood Board


  1. Grey Linen Board to hang your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  Or inspirational photos, outfit photos, etc. (top left photo)

  2. Grey Slim Velvet Hangers (bottom left photo)

  3. Linen Handbag Storage, but don’t limit yourself to handbags.  You can store folded clothing, hats, scarves, and more.  (top right photo)

  4. Linen Sweater Boxes (center photo)

  5. Linen Shoe Boxes similar to the linen sweater box, only smaller

  6. Linen Shirt Boxes – perfect for storing off-season clothing or non-clothing items such as memorabilia on the top shelf of your closet.  (bottom right photo)

  7. Hanging Sweater Organizer – not just for sweaters.  Works beautifully for all bulky folded clothing like hoodies and jeans (center photo)

  8. Hanging Shoe Organizer – for shoes, rolled clothing, bulky scarves

Look at Organize Your Home Korean Style for more closet and home organization inspiration.




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