What the Heck is a Senior Move Manager?

Senior Move Management

Is a Senior Move Manager someone who (1) helps high school seniors transition to college freshmen and into a dorm, (2) is a long-term, experienced mover, or (3) a trained and certified individual who orchestrates the often-emotional move to a senior living community or downsizing for folks 65 and over? If you chose option number three, congratulations, you are correct!

Did you know there is a professional organization that trains and certifies Senior Move Managers? Yes, NASMM (The National Association of Senior Move Managers) is such a group and is the leading membership organization for Senior Move Managers. They provide personal coaching, as well as an array of other resources.

If you or a loved one are facing a life-changing move to a smaller home, a single-story abode or a retirement or Assisted Living community, professional support can make all the difference and avoid stress for everyone involved. Often family members do not live nearby to offer their help. It is estimated that by 2030, the elderly will comprise more than 20% of our country’s population. Citizens of age 85 and older are the fastest-growing portion of our population. The services of Senior Move Managers (SMM) are a much-needed resource and a wise investment.

Your SMM will relieve the burden of moving by handling all of these aspects:

  • Provide a personal consultation
  • Create a comprehensive plan and timeline for the move
  • Manage all the upfront organization
  • Provide resources for recycling or disposing of unnecessary items
  • Donate designated items to your favorite charity
  • Oversee your actual packing and moving day
  • Unpack and place your furniture and belongings.

With this valuable service, instead of being exhausted with your personal environment a mess, you can cheerfully enter your new home and enjoy it!

Think of having all your family heirlooms handled with compassion and sensitivity. Your belongings or those of a loved one would be sorted and redistributed appropriately. Efficiently organizing and paring down decades of possessions can be time-consuming, confusing and quite emotional. But with the gentle support of professional Senior Move Managers, the daunting project can be substantially less overwhelming.

Calming support for your move to a Senior Living Community or downsizing to a smaller home is available from the team at SolutionsForYou, led by Anne Blumer, a dedicated Senior Move Manager, and Certified Professional Organizer.

Here is what a satisfied senior client had to say about SolutionsForYou after their move to a retirement community:

“Anne personally worked alongside us to help identify what to keep that would fit into our much smaller apartment. She created a floor plan so we would know exactly where our furniture could fit. Anne was very sympathetic and helpful with our downsizing, which could have been traumatic for an old couple!”

* Anne Blumer & her Team of Pros *

Give us a call at 503-706-3502 or email Anne [at] SolutionsForYou [dot] com

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