Organizing and Planning Tips for Healthy Travel

photo Travel Organizing Inspiration

The school year is ending, and that signals vacation time!  Do you have summer travel plans?  I don’t have plans to travel this summer because my husband and I traveled in early March before the mask mandates started to lift and travel restrictions lessened.  It was the first time I had been on a plane…

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Get Organized Before Your Trip Checklist

Have you ever sat waiting for a flight and tormented yourself with questions like? Did I leave a light on at home? Or I didn’t have the post office hold my mail. Or Dang, I forgot to tell the neighbors I was traveling! Well, even if you think you have all those pesky details handled…

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The 5 Most Efficient Packing Methods

Photo Packing Suitcase

In preparing for that special vacation or exciting first-time overseas travel adventure, have you looked at your startlingly tiny carry-on suitcase, wondering how the heck you will get all your clothes and belongings stuffed in it? Many travelers hope to save time and money by not checking luggage, which is a smart way to travel.…

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5 Tips on how to be an Ideal Houseguest

Holiday Gift photo

Here are 5 houseguest etiquette tips to get you invited to visit again and again. 1.  Be thoughtful and grateful. Bring a small gift that you think your hosts will enjoy.  Such as a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, or something representative of your hometown.  Or, treat your host to a dinner out. …

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5 Ways to Prepare for Overnight Houseguests

How to be a Memorable Host to your Houseguests 1.  Welcome! Hopefully, you can be home when your guests arrive.  However, sometimes that is not possible due to work or other commitments.  Have a spare key available and tell guests where you hid it if you won’t be home when they arrive.  Or, if you have…

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Top Ten Travel Organizing Tips

Summertime often means travel time.  Already this year, I have traveled overseas three times and domestically three times.   I have learned a few packing and travel tricks and tips that I want to pass on to you so your travel can be less stressful.  Based on these tips, I have never checked a bag,…

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