Marie Kondo has been all over the media helping people to release what doesn’t “spark joy”.  Here are 6 strategies to keep clutter from returning to your home after you have Konmari’d it.

1. Play the waiting game.

When you’re tempted to buy something on a whim, wait 24 hours. The typical impulse purchase seems a lot less like a “must-have” after sleeping on it.

2. Before you buy an item, decide where you will place it in your home.

If you don’t know, don’t buy. Go home, look around, and if you can find a place for the item, then you buy it; otherwise, you pass on the purchase. Also, consider if you really need the item.

3. Rent or borrow instead of purchase.

If the item is something you might only need to use once, think about renting or borrowing it instead of buying it.

4. Steer clear of the source of temptation.

If you your source of temptation is online shopping, reduce your screen time. If your source of temptation is the mall, drive past it or steer clear of the area altogether. Find something else that gives you pleasure and when start to feel the temptation to do recreational shopping, engage in another pleasurable activity.

5. Buy only what you need “now” not “someday”.

Especially with craft materials. Finish the projects you have started before you purchase ANY new craft materials, no matter how cute, fun, or inexpensive it is to buy now.

6. Ask these questions before you buy:

Do I already own this or something that does what this does?
Where will I store it?
Do I need this in my life now?
Am I buying this just because it is on sale or a good deal?
Do I have time to do the maintenance it requires?
Will it add value to my life?
Do I have the money for this purchase?
Would I purchase this with cash rather than a credit card?

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