Our Top 3 Questions about Time and Budget on Organizing Projects

As with most professions, fees vary widely based on experience, geographic location, and the type of services requested. Many organizing and productivity professionals charge by the hour, while others offer packages or charge by the project. 

The top 3 questions we are asked about time and budget on organizing projects are:


#1.  How long will it take to organize my home/office?  The amount of time it will take to complete your organizing project will depend primarily on three factors:
(1) How much clutter you have to group and reduce, (2) how quickly you make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of and (3) how close together our organizing sessions are.  How long it will take also depends on if one organizer or a team of organizers work with you.  There is power in numbers!  We offer one-on-one sessions or a team to work with you depending on the scope and when you want your project completed.



#2. If I choose SolutionsForYou, how much will it cost to organize my home/office?  We understand your concerns about cost, and we will work to establish a budget for your project based on our strategy session and what feels most comfortable to you. We offer several packages to work within a range of budgets and project scope.

Something to think about is, this is an investment in the way you choose to change your habits and begin an organized way of living.

#3. When is payment due and what are my payment options?  We require prepayment for each session within 48 hours of your session time.  You can pay when you schedule your session by credit or debit card.  If you prefer to pay by check, you may mail your payment to us.

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